6 Goals For Moms

6 Goals Every Mom Needs To Know

As a new mom, I am very excited to face the new chapter in my life being a fulltime one. Taking good care of a child is easier for me since I have experienced it with my nephews and nieces. Setting goals now is important for me in order to see the future plans I will have for my family.

6 Goals For Moms

Sometimes we are busy doing everything in a daily basis that we forgot to see the big picture.

You will have more accomplishments in the future if you take time now to set your goals. Here are some top goals moms need to know.

6 Goals Every Mom Needs To Know

1. Health Goals – Set health goals that include your time for your children. Make them play outside and not just looking in the computer the whole time. Also, make sure to plan for your own health goals too. Play ball games with your children, have a walk outside. Cook a healthy meal with your kids. Focus on the activities that you and your family do some healthy stuff. Change your weekly activities to make it more enjoyable. Make this the year the whole family improves their health.

2. Financial Goals – Set a family budget not only to track your family’s income and expenses but to set short and long-term financial goals. This is the most challenging one, stretching your family’s paycheck. If you’re a stay at home mom like me, remember that living off one income is hard enough for single people. I do have my own source of income aside from my husband’s but setting financial goals is still challenging. It is important to know where your money is going. You will be able to plan for the activities that costs money like vacations, outdoor activities, or other unexpected things that might happen.


3. Relationship Goals – Set relationship goals not only to your kids but also to your friends, spouse and family. Plan a girls’ nigh with your girl friends once a month. Plan a date night with your spouse. Nurture your relationship with your family members by visiting more often, or chatting on the phone. Time for you to strengthen your bond with the most important people in your life. Sometimes, we neglect our friends and other family members when you’re busy raising your kids.

4. Vacation Goals – Set vacation goals to explore possibilities. You may have already some destination that you want to visit this year or maybe planning to just stay at home. If possible, make a list of your family vacation possibilities and the amount of money it would take to get you to that goal. By setting goals, you’d be able to prioritize your vacation ideas and also help you re-adjust your budget. This will also gives you plenty of time to save up for your vacation and choose the right destination that’s in line with your financial goals for the year.

5. Plan to Join Groups – Take a hard look and set some new goals that include joining new groups. Plan to join groups doing outdoor activities like baseball, basketball, football, etc. Getting involved in new opportunities that can expand your child’s outlook is important. Sometimes, it is also great to think of your own interests or something new you would like to explore.

6. Make Stress Relief Plan – I think this is the most important thing to do especially for Moms. Having a “me time” is as important as spending time with your kids, spouse, family and friends. You need time to recharge and refresh. Being a mom, we all have our own interests and goals in life too.

6 Goals Every Mom Needs To Know


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