5 Tips on How to be More Productive

Personally, I am easily distracted with social media so I really need to organize things through writing it down in my journal to keep me on track. Are you experiencing that too? 

Here are some things that I would like to share with you guys in order to be more organized and productive at the same time. 

ballpen-blur-close-up-4610771. Get rid of distractions – Honestly, we have to. In order to avoid doing simple task for hours, learn to ignore distractions. Condition yourself ahead of time and make the most out of it. Don’t make yourself popping over social media from time to time. 

2. Wake up earlier – This is true, waking up early in the day makes you more productive and have more energy to start the day. In my case, I wake up one hour and thirty minutes ahead of my time since I am going to work and to also avoid rushing out. 

3. Make sure to take breaks in between – Yes I am the type of person who is easily bored and tend to not focus to my task. That’s why I make sure to take breaks especially when I am writing. It is a way to get you back on track again and also relax your eyes from your computer. 

4. Turn off notifications on your phone especially for social media – If you always turn on your phone notifications, the tendency is you always check your phone more often. Try to turn it off especially when you have work for you to concentrate.

5. Complete task one at a time –  I don’t know about you but for me it is better to avoid multitasking. In my case, I see to it that I do my task one at a time to finish early. There’s no need to completely overwhelm yourself unless your deadlines are tight.

I hope these tips is a big help for you guys. Comment below if you have more tips in mind that you want to share! 🙂



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